Sept 13th,

12: 15 - 1: 15 PM

9 Money Mistakes Healthcare Professionals Make

What they probably didn't teach you about money in Medical Training!

Uncovering Cash for 

You and Your Business

Bringing cash into your bank account - without New Revenue or Business Interruption - legally, ethically and government approved.

Every day we find businesses like yours!

Specialized Tax Cash Incentives as well as Ways to Slash Expenses.

See Case Studies and Get an Estimate of how much you can claim today!

This Workshop is for you if:

  • You feel like you are paying too much in taxes

  • The harder you work, it seems the less savings you have to show for it

  • You don’t feel like you have a good grasp on your retirement numbers

  • You feel like too much of your investments are at risk in the market

  • You are worried that you can’t save enough to retire

  • You don’t know how much you need to retire

"If everything you thought to be true about your money were not true, when would you want to know?"

  • You want to know the truth about taxes-today and the possible future

  • How the “mountain of cash” approach may or may not work for you

  • Allocation mix-how to look at your investment and tax risk more effectively

  • The 4 most important financial questions you should be asking to put YOU in control of your retirement plan

Alison Mueller

U.S. Military Veteran, National Speaker, Philanthropist,

Money Supply Chain Specialist™️


As an engineer and also a military veteran, Alison worked internationally with major corporations and the US Air Force to solve complex operations and supply chain issues. The results were tens of millions in savings and increased profitability. Now as the principal of Mueller Asset Strategies, she is dedicated to using the same proven strategies to focus on helping YOU avoid financial pitfalls and optimize and secure your Money Supply Chain™️.